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Business Terms and Conditions

1. Dealer

Malostranské Starožitnictví s.r.o.
Malostranské náměstí 28/5
Malá Strana
Prague 1
118 00
Id number: 2669 4581
Tax Id number: CZ 2669 4581

2. Scope of Business

The dealer is responsible for negotiating the sale of goods of antique nature (paintings, graphic sheets, jewels, artificial jewellery, china, ceramics, glass, clocks, watches, etc.) and other collectibles (philately, numismatics, postcard collecting, etc.) between the seller and the purchaser. Each item receives an identification number and is provided with photo-documentation, description and price. The dealer also sells collecting aids. The relations between the involved parties are governed by the present Business Terms and Conditions. By placement of a binding order the purchaser expresses consent to the dealer´s Business Terms and Conditions.

3. Prices of individual items and services

Our company is payer of the VAT relating to our dealer activity. Prices of individual items sold through the internet shopping will be final for the purchaser (or after agreement by phone or e-mail). Items included in our offer for sale through the internet or in our shops may be sold or ordered at the same time , through our internet service. Such items will be marked “available in the shop Malostranské Starožitnictví s.r.o.” or “available in the shop Antik Nerudova” and their availability for the internet shopping must be confirmed by e-mail. These items are available for inspection without preceding agreement. In addition to the price of the ordered goods, we charge a shipping fee which includes postage and packing fee. Due to a wide variety of items offered by our company we charge the postage and packing fee by agreement. We follow the pricelist of the Czech Post Office and its contractual partners. Based on agreement with the purchaser we may fix also other logistics companies. Foreign purchasers, including purchasers from Slovakia, will be charged postage according to international tariffs.

4. Manner of payment and recommendation

The goods will be shipped only upon its full payment. The payment may be made in one of the following ways: 1. cash in case of its purchase in person in either of our two shops 2. bank transfer 3. post money order 4. cash on delivery

5. Inspection of the goods

All items are shown and described on the website of the internet shopping. After an agreement by phone or e-mail it is possible to inspect the offered items in person in either of our two shops. We are ready to answer all your questions.

6. Claims

Claims shall be governed by the respective provision. The condition and quality of the respective item will be always described and documented by a photograph. Items are also available for inspection in person (see under 5). Claims shall be subject to provability of the claimed goods in our internet shopping, its completeness and the purchaser´s personal involvement in the respective transaction. Purchaser is obliged to inspect the delivered goods without unnecessary delay and notify the dealer of any defects by e-mail and phone within three days after delivery. Sending the goods back in the form of COD is not allowed and all such shipments will be rejected and returned to the sender.


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