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Our company has a 20-year tradition of trading in antiques. Our two shops located in the historical centre of Prague on the so called Royal Route leading toward the Prague Castle belong to the most well-known in the whole region. The company is a member of the International Federation for Antique and Art Dealers CINOA. We offer a wide and varied selection of antiques and collectibles that will satisfy all art and antique lovers, admirers of arts and crafts and lately also old paper collectors.

Similarly as our two shops, also our internet shopping service guarantees a discreet and convenient conclusion of transactions to the satisfaction of all the parties involved.


By agreement with the customer, our company pays for the items purchased in cash or accepts the goods for consignment sale (we charge 20% commission). You may offer the goods by e-mail, telephone or in person in our shops. We provide also the possibility of personal negotiation at your place. However, we recommend to deliver the goods intended for consignment sale always to either of our two shops. All offered objects will be subject to an expertise and appraisal and price valuation will be made by agreement with you.


We look forward to cooperating with you

Josef Katrák



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